Job Description:  
We are currently recruiting an experienced Secondary international program manager (academic /planning) who can participate in the development and evaluation. Who will partner with the other leaders on the leadership team to effectively manage the school.
- Collaborates with other leaders to plan and execute curriculum and instruction that fosters student growth and creativity through aligned, culturally relevant materials and pedagogy.
- Promotes and develops strong teams that collaborate towards daily teaching and managing. 
- Performs a variety of administrative duties to manage the school.
- Supervises and evaluates the performance of designated certificated and/or classified personnel; assigns duties to faculty and staff as appropriate to meet school objectives.
- Collaborate with the School Leadership Team to continuously improve personal practice, classroom instruction, assessment.
- Observe teachers weekly to gather data on learning and teacher proficiency to diagnose teachers’ strengths and weaknesses constantly and determine strategies for improving their practice and improving learning.
- Listens to and responds appropriately to students, parents, staff and teachers
Candidate Requirement
- Bachelor or related qualifications
- Experience in training for teachers (above two years is preferred) and ensure the high quality of teaching services
- Strong managing experiences in schools or educational institutions 
- Good background and knowledge of understanding and working with staff and teachers
- Self paced and timeline watcher on targets
- Well organized and good in feedback and report to the superiors
- Be self-motivated and working without close supervision
- Be able to work on schedules, well time planner and report responsively.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to or apply directly online, thank you!