Zhangjiagang Jiyang Senior High School
Zhangjiagang City Jiyang High School was founded in 1978 and is a four-star ordinary high school in Jiangsu Province In the long-term school-running practice, the school upholds the core concept of "combining health with ambition ", following the school motto of "High aspiration, Learning and living by Simplicity, and Words by Letters "

Zhangjiagang City Jiyang High School was founded in 1978 and is a four-star ordinary high school in Jiangsu Province. In the long-term school-running practice, the school upholds the core concept of "combining health with ambition", following the school motto of "High aspiration, Learning and living by Simplicity, and Words by Letters". The fruitful achievements have won many honorary titles such as "Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Educational Society System", "Jiangsu Garden-Type Unit", "Suzhou Civilization Unit", "Suzhou City Moral Education Advanced School", "Suzhou City Safe Civilization School" and many other honorary titles. Now, the school is moving towards the goal of becoming a first-class prestigious school in south area of Jiangsu.

The school is located in the south of the ancient town of Yangshe county, adjacent to the Zhangjiagang Museum, the Children's Palace. It covers an area of 85,000 square meters and has 16 experimental classrooms. It is rated as the "Standardized laboratory of Primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province". The newly built library covers an area of nearly 8,000 square meters and has a collection of more than 120,000 volumes. It is the second-level library in Zhangjiagang City. There are 4 computer-dedicated classrooms with a classroom multimedia coverage rate of 100℅, which was rated as Suzhou Educational Informatization Demonstration School and Suzhou Educational Technology and Equipment Advanced School. There are 1472 students in the school and 233 faculty members. The beautiful campus environment, advanced education concept, and strong academic atmosphere are harmoniously coexisting here, and the sound is silent.

The school implements the "target teaching strategy" classroom teaching model to create an efficient classroom. In the classroom teaching process, under the guidance of learning goals, students actively carry out self-directed learning, and at the same time the shcool carried out group cooperation and inquiry learning. This learning model that emphasizes student experience, teacher-student dialogue, and cooperative inquiry strongly cultivates student autonomy. Learning ability stimulates students' enthusiasm for learning, enhances students' desire to learn, and improves students' learning efficiency. The classroom has truly become a classroom for students to learn. The school's performance in running schools is remarkable, the quality of the college entrance examination has been rising year after year, and it has continuously won the first prize of the comprehensive quality evaluation of ordinary high school education in Zhangjiagang City.

The school pays attention to “human-centered” care. In the process of students' self-management, it forms and promotes the characteristics of "subject moral education" and innovatively carries out the "one, two, three, four and five" education project (" one "is to practice a good eloquence; "Two" is to cultivate at least two students' strong points and hobbies -- sports and art; "Three" is that every student should do "three" that is, "learn to behave", "learn to live", "learn to learn"; "Four" is the students in three years of high school life to watch 40 classic movies and television; "Five" means that students should read 50 classics in their three-year high school life to comprehensively improve the quality of each student. Guo Qin, who has won "China Charity Award", "Jiangsu Moral Model" and other titles is one of the excellent alumni.

The school's club activities are rich and colorful, and the school-based curriculum has distinct features. As of the end of the semester, the school has set up psychological club, literary club, basketball club, Weiqi association 24 communities, the school offers 10 physical education and health courses, 3 art quality courses, 8 science quality courses, 4 career planning courses and 4 humanistic quality courses, a total of 29 school-based courses for students in grade 10 and grade 11 to choose independently. The activities of these associations and the establishment of school-based courses have set up a platform for the development of students and provided opportunities for students to give full play to their talents and show their specialties. Students has won success in Olympic competition for middle school students, at the provincial level in Jiangsu province, the sixth group award in the network reading activity, the primary and secondary school in Suzhou city, the fifth "mandarin, dialects, oral English competition won the first prize in high school group, in Zhangjiagang city middle school students and won the first prize for many times, many times won the runner-up in Zhangjiagang city middle and primary school basketball game, volleyball championship, etc.

Schools put special emphasis on the mental health education, set up psychology class in grade 11 and 13, held once every semester and "mental health day", psychological knowledge propaganda, lectures to further promote the healthy growth of students' body and mind. The school has now become the experimental base of psychological education of Jiangsu Psychological Society and the advanced unit of psychological health education in primary and secondary schools of Jiangsu Psychological Society.

Looking forward to the future, school will further enhance the cultural connotation, improve teaching quality according to the development of connotation and denotation expansion of new ideas, seize the historical development of new opportunities, new strategy of cultural administration, practice the "capacity" education idea, carry forward the "unity" school spirit, show the features of "education" school, realize the science and the humanities and research new cross of senior middle school.

Cooperation history

On April 14, 2014, Jiyang High School and Park High School in Wisconsin, USA, became friendly schools and holding signing ceremony


Mutual visit

In the summer vacation of 2016, students from Jiyang High School went to Wausau High School for American Immersion.


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