The No.1 Middle School of Zhangjiagang
The No 1 Middle School of Zhangjiagang

The predecessor of Zhangjiagang No. 1 Middle School is Liangfeng College and Liangfeng Middle School. It is a century-old tree with a long history and strong cultural heritage. Famous alumni are all over the world. Due to the needs of the development of education, the two schools were branched in 1993 and 2000, respectively, and newly established "Jiangsu Liangfeng Senior Middle School" and "Zhangjiagang Senior High School". Since then, Zhangjiagang No. 1 Middle School has become a middle school directly under the Municipal Education Bureau. 
With the care and support of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Education Bureau, Zhangjiagang No. 1 Middle School continues to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, pioneering and innovation, fully implements the national education policy, vigorously implements quality education, and solidly promotes the new curriculum Standards always hold high the banner of loving education, strengthen the construction of the three civilizations in an all-round way, and focus on exploring the scientific concept of educational development. The school takes "for the development of every student" as its purpose, aims to comprehensively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, focuses on cultivating innovative spirit and practical ability, deepens the reform of education and teaching, strictly manages the teaching process, strengthens the construction of teaching staff, and strives to Improve the conditions for running schools, actively explore new concepts, implement new measures, and strive to bring educational ideas and educational practices into line with the international standards and advance with the times, gradually forming the distinctive characteristics of the " No. 1 Middle School model".

In recent years, the No.1 Middle School has won wide recognition and high praise from all walks of life for its rich educational achievements and outstanding teaching achievements. It stands at the top of the city's junior middle school education and has created a new glory for the no.1 middle school education.
Nowadays, the school spirit of "love the country, love the school, forge ahead in unity", the teaching spirit of "love educating people, civilization and modesty", and the learning style of "good thinking, realistic and truth-seeking" have become the ideology and code of conduct followed by all teachers and students of Zhangjiagang No.1 Middle School. It has become a powerful internal cohesion, precious educational wealth and fine educational tradition. It has become the city one to the majority of students, parents and the community's sincere commitment. Zhangjiagang No. 1 Middle School is just like a verdant tree, her deep feeling hides the fertile soil, her mind in the blue sky!
Cooperation History
In April 2014, The School District of Janesville, Wisconsin, USA signed a MOU with the Education Bureau of Zhangjiagang city. Zhangjiagang No.1 Middle School and Edison Middle School of the School District of Janesville, Wisconsin, USA built a sister school relationship.

Exchange visits

In October 2016, a delegation from Zhangjiagang No.1 Middle School went to Edison Middle School for exchange and study.

On September 30, 2018, 20 teachers and students from Zhangjiagang No. 1 Middle School went to Edison Middle School in the United States for a study trip.

On October 29, 2018, Robert Smiley, executive Deputy director and head of Janesville international Education Program, and Mary Christensen, coordinator of Janesville International Education Program, visited Zhangjiagang No. 1 Middle School.


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