Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Junior Campus
Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Junior Campus
In June 2012, Nanjing Foreign Language School and Education Bureau of Jianye District jointly established a full-time public middle school -- Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Branch ", which was exported by Nanjing Foreign Language School to its administrators and core teachers, adhering to the educational philosophy and quality education mode of Nanjing Foreign Language School. Since the establishment of the school, the development momentum is good, all-round development of students, rich and colorful campus cultural life. In June 2016, the District Education Bureau and Nanjing Foreign Language School expanded their cooperation and established Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Education Group, which was renamed as "Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Junior Campus". The school entered a new stage of development. 
The school has achieved fruitful results in the practice of education and teaching.
It has won many honorary titles, such as "Model School run by law in Nanjing city", "Safe Campus in Nanjing City", "The first BATCH of Experimental School of STEM Courses in Nanjing City", "Sunshine Sports School of Nanjing City" and so on.
The school adheres to the training goal of "cultivating modern people with Chinese soul and world mind", advocates the school spirit of "realistic, enterprising, knowledgeable and humble" and the teaching style of "strict, new, fine and lively", and cultivates international and compound talents with foreign language expertise and strong comprehensive ability.
The school regards "people-oriented" as its core concept and acts according to the law of education and teaching. It attaches great importance to cultivating students' subjective consciousness, exploring students' inner potential and paying attention to the healthy growth of each student.
As the only public branch of Nanjing Foreign Language School, the main campus gives the school strong support in teacher training: 1. Strictly control recruitment. The expert teachers of the main campus are responsible for recruiting teachers and internship in the main campus, learning the excellent teaching experience and methods of the main campus, and then sending them to the school to carry out education and teaching work. 2. Pair up with teachers of the main campus. In order to promote the growth of young teachers, the school hires headquarter teachers such as Chen Guangli and Xie Siji to serve as young teachers' education and teaching instructors. 3. Strengthen the teaching and research of the two schools to achieve the sharing of high-quality resources. In order to maximize the development of the benefits of education and teaching, the two schools have established a close communication and coordination channel, carrying out regular lesson preparation and learning exchange activities. 4. Regular supervision and inspection. Invite the teaching and research groups of the main campus to conduct regular inspection and guidance on the subject group education and teaching, and promote the improvement of the quality of education and teaching.
Cooperation History
On November 6, 2018, Dr. Robert Smiley, executive deputy director of the School District of Janesville and head of Janesville International Program, Wisconsin, USA, accompanied by Lin Yan, director of Nanjing Education International Exchange Association, went to Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Junior Campus for exchange and participated in the signing ceremony of sister schools.
Exchange visits
On May 1, 2017, students from Nanjing Foreign Language School hexi Junior Campus came to Marshfield Middle School in Wisconsin, US, to begin their study trip.
<span helvetica="" neue",="" "pingfang="" sc",="" "hiragino="" sans="" gb",="" "microsoft="" yahei="" ui",="" yahei",="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;="" letter-spacing:="" 1px;="" text-align:="" justify;"="" style="color: rgb(29, 30, 30);">In March 2018, teachers and students from Marshfield Middle School, Wisconsin, USA entered Nanjing Foreign Hexi Junior Campus and began a four-day cultural exchange activity.
On April 28, 2018, the students from Nanjing Foreign Hexi Junior Campus departed for Marshfield Middle School, Wisconsin, USA, to conduct a two-week study trip.
In June 2018, Teacher Rachel from Marshfield Middle School came to Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Junior Campus to start a week-long Sino-American educational exchange activity.
On June 19, 2019, Teacher Sharon Bucklin of Franklin Middle School of the School District of Janesville, Wisconsin, USA visited Nanjing Hexi Foreign Language School to give lectures.
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