Summer school is organized every year to provide Asian students with U.S. High school academic courses,cultural experience,or other equal courses in primary and middle schools.The summer school enables students to learn knowledge and have academic visit at the same time.Transferring programs are also provided to let American students visit Asia for culture communication.

The summer project of American primary and secondary school

The American summer camp started again in 2015. A popular local comprehensive newspaper Gazette in Wisconsin reported the exchange of activities on the front page. It said:

"We think Chinese students are very outgoing. It is a good chance for Chinese and American children to have a face-to-face communication with people who are interested.

I think that you may be confused when you first come to a country, but you will feel more comfortable and have a better understanding of local culture next time.

I am very pleased to see that the children become good friends quickly, and I find that Chinese students work hard and can promote our students.


Let's review the colorful American summer camp.


Marshfield American summer camp

US Summer Camp


Game Play-We are the one!


Arm exercise! Who is stronger The answer seems quite obvious


 Can you see my passion and value in painting


 Challenge Experiment-Never tried, should be cautious but very exciting, a new world


Science Class-Future Scientist, Maybe


Janesville American summer camp


US Summer Camp


Let's dance together


Students are playing basketball


Making robots together


I have graduated


 Ripon engineering summer camp


US summer camp


International Leadership Course


Chemistry experiment course