Janesville School District
As the tenth school district in Wisconsin, the Janesville School District has 2 comprehensive high schools, 3 Middle schools, and 12 elementary schools It provides students with complete curriculum and activities for their learning growth


Overview(of the School District)

As the tenth school district in Wisconsin, the Janesville School District has 2 comprehensive high schools, 3 Middle schools, and 12 elementary schools. It provides students with complete curriculum and activities for their learning growth.
Janesville’s educational culture not only encourages students to diversify their development, but also focuses on their academic achievements while encouraging parents’ participation. Based on Wisconsin education standards, the school district has established a well-ordered curriculum, so students have performed well in extracurricular activities such as painting and sports. US NEWS latest rankings show that Craig and Parker High Schools in the Janesville area are the best high schools in Wisconsin. Both high schools are top schools in US News Ranking, the best “Silver Medals” in the US, and Wisconsin. The government's "top high school" rating.
According to the US.NEWS rankings, Craig High School and Parker High School in the Janesville School District are both the best high schools in Wisconsin. The two schools have won numerous awards in the American education community. Craig High School is a well-known high school with a history of 100 years. In 1908, it passed the education certification of the US Department of Education and the state government. Thousands of previous graduates have entered Harvard, Yale, and MIT. Parker High School is a well-known elite high school in the United States, Wisconsin, which has won the title of "Best School" in the United States for many years and has passed the American Certificate of Excellence in Education. Students can participate in Craig High School's International High School Program, study American language courses in their own high school , improve their English ability, and enter the Craig High School in the third year of high school. They will seamlessly integrate into the learning environment of American high school. The Admissions Counselors will help students apply for admission to a prestigious US school. 
In February the average highest temperature is 0.4 degrees and the average lowest temperature is -9.5 degrees. In May the average highest temperature is 21 degrees and the lowest temperature is 8 degrees. In July the average highest temperature is 28 degrees and the lowest temperature is 16 degrees. In October the average highest temperature is 16 degrees and the lowest temperature is 3.6 degrees.
Janesville School District can provide American Class Immersion for friendly schools. Chinese students can attend classes with the American buddies to improve their English skills in an English-speaking environment and experience excellent AP or STEM courses. After class, Chinese students conduct community activities and field exploration activities with American buddies. On weekends, students will go home with their American buddies to experience the authentic American family life and American culture in American families.

Geographic Profile

The Janesville School District is located in the city of Janesville, the county seat and largest city of Rock County, near Chicago, with easy access and a pleasant environment. Janesville City is one of the oldest cities in southern Wisconsin, 51 kilometers southeast of the state capital Madison. The population is about 63,000. Located in the heart of Wisconsin and Illinois, the city is the hub of transportation between Madison and Chicago. The city of Janesville has always enjoyed the reputation of “Wisconsin Garden City”, with an average temperature of 26°C in summer and snowfall in winter. The manufacture industry and dairy industry in Janesville is well developed. Root Beer, General Dynamics, Dairy and Cranberry are  the four symbols of Janesville City.


Distinguished Alumni

Paul Ryan: Republican Congressman for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district, 1999–present, and 2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Russ Feingold: former Democratic U.S. Senator, 1993–2011.

Tim Cullen: Wisconsin State Senator

Gloria Foster: actress famous for playing the Oracle in the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded.

Tucker Fredricks: 2006, 2010 Olympic speedskater

Lavinia Goodell: first woman licensed to practice law in Wisconsin

Ken Hendricks: Forbes 400 businessman & founder of ABC Supply

Terry Ryan: former Minnesota Twins general manager, currently interim General Manager

Ella Wheeler Wilcox: poet whose best known work was Poems of Passion. Her most enduring work contains the lines "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone"

Mr. John H. Nicholson: founder of The Gideons International known for distributing Bibles in locations such as hotel rooms, hospitals, and prisons.

Mistie Bass: basketball player in the WNBA

School Introduction

Adams Elementary School

Type: Public Elementary School
Male-Female Ratio: 46:54
Grade: K-5
Students Number: 312
White Student Ratio: 80%
Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:14
Address: 1138 East Memorial Drive, Janesville, WI, 53545
Introduction: Adams Elementary School is committed to ensuring that each student gains knowledge and become a respectful, loving, responsible and successful men in the process of learning. 
Harrison Elementary School
Type: Public Elementary School
Male-Female Ratio: 48:52
Grade: K-5
Students Number: 274
White Student Ratio: 88%
Teacher-Student Ratio: 14:1
Address: 760 Princeton Road, Janesville, WI, 53546
Contact: Dr. Robert Smiley
Introduction: Harrison Elementary School is committed to helping students learn more knowledge and encourage individual characters. The school offers reading, math, spelling, sociology, science, health and writing courses. Teachers provide targeted teaching to meet the needs of each student and promote the development of students' creativity. The school principal is to encourage all employees and students to become lifelong learners. The core concept of the school is “help students become a safe, respectful and responsible learner at school, at home, in society”.

Roosevelt Elementary School

Type: Public Elementary School
Male-Female Ratio: 53:47
Grade: K-5
Students Number: 370
White Student Ratio: 78%
Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:17
Address: 316 South Ringold Street, Janesville, WI, 53545
Introduction: Roosevelt Elementary School provides Challenging courses for outstanding students in 4th and 5th Grade. Teachers provide targeted teaching for students in class. Roosevelt Elementary School provides Chinese class for all 3rd, 4th and 5th students.
Edison Middle School
Type: Public Middle School
Male-Female Ratio: 52:48
Grade: 6-8
Students Number: 1172
High Quality STEM Courses
White Student Ratio: 41%
Teacher-Student Ratio: 14:1
Address: 1649 South Chatham Street, Janesville, WI 53546
Introduction: Edison Middle School enjoys a good reputation in Janesville School. The N.I.K.E.(Nicotine is kid’s enemy) Club is very famous.Teachers and staff communicate with all students every day. Edison Middle School pays great attention to students’ physical and mental health.
Parker High School
Type: Public High School
Male-Female Ratio: 49:51
Grade: 9-12
Students Number: 1,311
High Quality AP Courses and STEM Courses
Average ACT Score: 19
White Student Ratio: 76%
Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:14
Address: 3125 Mineral Point Avenue, Janesville, WI, 53548
Introduction: Parker High School is one of the best high school in Wisconsin, a top high school rated by U.S. News and a “Silver Medal” High School in USA. The school is ranked top 10% in the United States,. It is also awarded the US “Best School” for many years. Parker High School also passed the AdvancED certificate with approximately 1,400 students in grades 9-12.


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