Vision School
Since 2009 Jeonju Christian Alternative SchoolWe warmly welcome all of you to Vision School As a man of God who
Since 2009 Jeonju Christian Alternative School
We warmly welcome all of you to Vision School.
As a man of God who firmly establishes the kingdom of God among the nations of the world!
The Vision School began with the 'holy aspiration' (Pia Desideria) of several professors and pastors who despaired of the arrogant human-centered education that had already been infiltrated by post-modern relativism for several years and sought that hope in God-centered education. It has been.
While lamenting over the wonderful educational reality of Korea, Kuyper (A. Kuyper and Kuyperians' Neo-Calvinsm was oriented toward worldview oriented, integrated model of Christian alternative school.
As the saying goes, “All good things come from above” (Alles Gute Kommt von Ober), “Knowledge begins with the fear of God” (Proverbs 1:7). Visionary Instruction for Schematic, Insightful, Outstanding Navigator, VISION is a suitable alternative educational institution as a dream educational institution for those who serve God and seek insight into the world created by God and deep excellence. will be
Under the principle that all educational programs of Vision School are always illuminated by the Bible (Illuminatione) and “must always be reformed by the Bible” (Curricular Sempre Reformanda), first, before the eyes of the world, 'before God (Coram Deo)' VIS seeks the best, not the best, and at the same time, it will constantly pursue an alternative Christian paradigm with excellence that goes beyond global standards. ) will do its best to research and support.
This alternative paradigm of Vision School will become an epoch-making educational paradigm not only in Korea but also in the educational field around the world.
Send them to a vision school where they enjoy true freedom while serving God.
We will raise your children to be outstanding global Christian leaders who embrace their homeland and the world.