The Indian study group arrived in Janesville, USA

The Indian study group arrived in Janesville, USA

A group of students from Sacred Heart international school in India officially began their 10-day study tour to the United States, organized by school district of Janesville . Students will deeply experience the study life of sister School Craig High School, feel the...

Indian study group experience diverse classroom

Indian study group experience diverse classroom

Sacred Heart international school study group experienced the real American classroom, shared classes with local students at Craig High School, felt the interactive english classroom, educate while entertaining, and stimulated the potential of students; The diverse...

Representative from ASDEA visited Sacred Heart School

Representative from ASDEA visited Sacred Heart School

Arun Thekkedath (Project Consultant - India) visited ASDEA's partner school, Sacred Heart School, on December 10. Arun was warmly received by the school leadership and was given a tour of the school and introduced the history of the school. The school leaders also...

On the morning of January 16, Matthew Liebmann, a tenured professor from Harvard University, came to Jiangsu Province Liangfeng Senior Middle School as scheduled and gave a wonderful lecture to the International DDepartment teachers, students and parents.

Professor Matthew Liebmann was giving a lecture to the students

As a tenured professor in the anthropology department of Harvard University, professor Matthew Leiberman has a wide range of research interests, and his courses at Harvard are well received and loved by the majority of Harvard students.

In his lecture, professor Matthew Leiberman introduced the history, current situation and some interesting facts of Harvard University, and shared some of his daily work and latest achievements in anthropology and archaeology.

Professor Matthew Leiberman was introducing archaeological work

In the following Q&A interactions, professor shared for everyone about the key elements of the world’s top universities such as Harvard, and the quality of his taught students.

A lively Q&A session

After the lecture, professor Leiberman talked with some of the students and provided them with guidance and Suggestions on university application and major selection.

Professor Leiberman chatted with the students

Finally, director Zhao Yunfei of the International Department of Jiangsu Province Liangfeng Senior Middle School, on behalf of the International Department, thanked professor Leiberman for his coming and sent the latest issue of the international department magazine Hey,U!! And “a Christmas carol” performance album to the professor, and sincerely hope that the professor can bring more useful sharing to the teachers and students of the international department.

After reading the magazine, professor learned that all the editing work was done by students themselves, cannot help but repeatedly praised

Wonderful “Christmas carol” stage performance album also obtained high appreciation from professor.

Director Zhao Yunfei took a group photo with visiting guests

We often say that the three elements of success are effort, purpose and persistence. We believe that through professor’s professional guidance and sharing, students will definitely make clear their goals, persevere and realize the value of life through their own efforts.

Source: Jiangsu Provincial Liangfeng Senior Middle School International Department