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In June 2024, the American School Districts Education Association's Center for Education signed an agreement with India's PATHWAYS WORLD SCHOOL to become sister schools. PATHWAYS WORLD SCHOOL is a premier boarding school in Delhi, India, ranked as the number one...

The Indian study group arrived in Janesville, USA

A group of students from Sacred Heart international school in India officially began their 10-day study tour to the United States, organized by school district of Janesville . Students will deeply experience the study life of sister School Craig High School, feel the...

Indian study group experience diverse classroom

Sacred Heart international school study group experienced the real American classroom, shared classes with local students at Craig High School, felt the interactive english classroom, educate while entertaining, and stimulated the potential of students; The diverse...

Professor Matthew Liebmann Gave a Lecture at Liangfeng Senior Middle School

On the morning of January 16, Matthew Liebmann, a tenured professor from Harvard University, came to Jiangsu Province Liangfeng Senior Middle School as scheduled and gave a wonderful lecture to the International DDepartment teachers, students and parents....

Congratulations to Zhao for her acceptance to the University of Pittsburgh

2+1 Program Admissions News:Congratulations! Zhao, a student of Grade 2019 of Nanjing Hexi Foreign Language School International Department and currently studies in Grade 12 at Lyme-Old Lyme High school in US, is admitted to University of Pittsburgh. The University of...

  The American School Districts Education Association (ASDEA) is a collaboration of 28 school districts from five states, namely, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Connecticut. It is dedicated to the exchange and cooperation of international education between member schools and schools from outside the United States.



Official Relationships with Government Office


·  Province

  • Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government

·  City

  • Nanjing Education Bureau
  • Zhangjiagang Education Bureau
  • Suzhou Education Bureau
  • Zhenjiang Education Bureau

·  District

  • Shanghai Chongming Education District
  • Shanghai Yangpu Education International Exchange Centre 
  • Jiangsu Education Service for International Exchange           
  • Nanjing Gulou District Education Bureau   
  • Nanjing Xuanwu District Education Bureau
  • Nanjing Jianye District Education Bureau
  • Nanjing Luhe District Education Bureau
  • Nanjing Qinhuai District Education Bureau




-Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government

·Foreign Affairs Office of Nanjing Municipal Peopel’s Government


Nanjing Jianye District Education Bureau

  • Nanjing Hexi Foreign Language School

  • Nanjing Jianye Experiment Primary School

  • High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University Xincheng South School

  • Nanjing Jianye High School

    Nanjing Xuanwu District Education Bureau

    • Nanjing Changjiang Road Primary School

    • Kelihua Middle School

    • Nanjing Renmin Middle School of Nanjing

    • East Beijing Road Primary School,Nanjing

    • Nanjing No.54 Middle School

    • Nanjing Xiaolingwei Middle School

    • Nanjing Xiaoying Primary School

    • Nanjing Yixian Primary School

    • Nanjing Haiying Primary School

    • Nanjing Hongwu North Road Primary Schooll

    • Nanjing Yuhua Primary School

    • Nanjing Yinghua Primary School

    • Nanjing Lixian Primary School

    • Nanjing 13 Middle School Hongshan Branch School

    • Nanjing 13 Middle School Suojin Branch School

    • Nanjing Suojin Xincun No.1 Primary School

    • Nanjing Zhongyang Road Primary School

    • Nanjing Kelihua Middle School Tiebei branch

    • Nanjing Suojin New Countryside No.2 Primary School

    • Nanjing Gulou District Education Bureau

    • Nanjing LaSa Road Primary School

    • High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University

    • Nanjing Phoenix Garden City Primary School

    • Nanjing Jinling Huiwen School (Primary Section)

    • Nanjing Baiyunyuan Primary School

    • High School Affiliated to Nanjing University

    • Nanjing Tianzheng Primary School

    • Nanjing Kerui Primary School

      Nanjing Qinhuai District Education Bureau

      • Senior High School Affiliated to Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

      • Nanjing Fuzimiao Primary School

      • Nanjing Yi Xin Hua Yuan Primary School

      • Nanjing Youfu West Street primary school

      • Nanjing Zhongying Junior High School


        • Nanjing Yuhua Foreign Language Primary School

        • Nanjing Hankai Academy


        • The Shanghai Experimental School School in DongtanSummer school

        • Shanghai Chongming District Experimental Middle School

        • Dongmen Junior High School Chongming Shanghai

        • Shanghai Chongming District Zhengda Middle School

        • The Junior High School Affiliated to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

        • Dong Tan School Affiliated To Shanghai Experimental School

        • Experimental School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

        • Shanghai Yangpu Senior High School

        • Shanghai Yangtze High School

        • Primary School Affiliated Jiading No.1 High School

        • Liuyi Primary School, Yangpu District Shanghai

        • Kailu Xincun No.2 Primary School, Yangpu Shanghai

        • Shanghai Yangpu District Zhongyuan Road Primary School



        • Ningbo Chunxiao Middle School

        • Ningbo Yinzhou Lanqing Junior Middle School

        • Ningbo Yinzhou Foreign Language Midddle School

        • Yinzhou Huifeng School, Ningbo, Zhejiang

        • Ningbo Langing Primary School

        • Ningbo Wangshengling Primary School


        -Haian Senior School of Jiangsu Province

        International Programs

        Welcome to our School's International Program! We are thrilled to embark on a global educational journey with you, where cultures converge, perspectives broaden, and friendships flourish. Our International Program is a dynamic platform that bridges borders and fosters a rich exchange of ideas, traditions, and experiences. As we embark on this educational adventure together, you'll discover new horizons, build lifelong connections, and gain a world-class education that knows no boundaries. Join us in celebrating diversity, embracing excellence, and shaping the future as global citizens. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities at our School's International Program!