Oversea Study Plan and Admission

This international study program is designed mainly for students in Grade 8-9. If students would like to enter any school in the Wisconsin School Districts Alliance, the alliance could help students design specific application plans. Besides, alliance can provide bridging courses for students entering American senior high school. By this way, students can better adapt to American study environment and more easily get admitted by well-known high schools in Wisconsin School Districts Alliance. Students in grades 10-11 can transfer to high schools in the Wisconsin School Districts Alliance through applying for credit approval.

Public/Private Schools

Public School:

Craig High School                                                  Parker High School

Marshfield High School                                           Wausau East High School

Wausau West High School                                     Green Lake School

Ripon High School                                                    Lincoln High School

Private school:

Columbus Catholic High School                                  25 Lutheran Schools


Honours of schools


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(Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence(BRSE) )


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