American Summer Camp in China

American Classroom Immersion Summer Camp is jointly organized by the Chinese education bureau and the friendly primary and secondary schools of the United States and built by the authoritative teachers and subject experts from the United States. With small classes and immersion teaching, children can experience authentic American camp activities without going abroad. The American Summer Camp uses pure American original textbooks and employs American English teaching throughout the course, allowing children to experience the most cutting-edge American culture and activities while improving their English speaking skills, helping them to open a window to understand the world. In addition, the American Summer Camp also has a wealth of camp content, including language, culture, art, sports, science, fine arts, swimming, and other courses to help children develop morally, physically, and beautifully. Since its opening in July 2017, three summer camps have been held successfully. The location has expanded from Zhangjiagang in Suzhou to Shanghai, Ningbo, and Suzhou, with dozens of people from the beginning to more than 500 now. In the summer camp, the students studied American-style courses such as STEM, oral dialogue, art appreciation, picture book reading, American culture, drama performances, and listening training. They also experienced American physical education classes and swimming lessons in English. The ten-day summer camp will make the students full of income, which not only improves the practical applicability of English but also cultivates scientific thinking and artistic thinking. Moreover, they can make many friends of the same age and exercise their interpersonal skills.